Postcard set birds - 16 postcards with bird motif (no. 072)

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Bird postcard set

This bird postcard set contains 16 postcards:

1 x Eurasian oystercatcher postcard
1 x Grebe postcard
1 x Eurasian curlew postcard
1 x Tufted duck postcard
1 x Northern lapwing postcard
1 x Swan postcard
1 x Black-tailed godwit postcard
1 x Common pochard postcard
1 x Grey heron postcard
1 x Mute swan postcard
1 x Little stint postcard
1 x Northern shoveler postcard
1 x Pied avocet postcard
1 x Eurasian oystercatcher postcard
1 x Common redshank postcard
1 x Great egret postcard

This bird postcard set consists of 16 postcards with the size of 10x15cm.
All postcards have an UV varnish on the front.

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€ 12,00
€ 10,79
Price per bird postcard set
Quantity: Order

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