Postcard set animals - 13 postcards with animal motif (no. 75)

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Animal postcard set

This postcard set with animals contains the following postcards.

1 x cat with flowers postcard
1 x mute swan postcard
1 x sheep with lambs postcard
1 x wild boar with piggies postcard
1 x Shetlandpony postcard
1 x Eurasian oystercatcher postcard
1 x grebe with young postcard
1 x kittens postcard
1 x goats postcard
1 x bunny postcard
1 x pied avocet postcard
1 x lamb postcard
1 x foal postcard

This animal card set consists of 13 postcards which come from the category animal postcards.
All cards have the format of 10x15cm and are provided with a UV varnish on the front.


€ 9,75
€ 8,79
Price per animal postcard set
Quantity: Order

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